Having read "Pinning PPP down to the resolution" by Inayatullah (October 25), I think the writer has deliberately tried to undermine the president's genuine efforts for strengthening the parliament. Three acts of President Zardari must be acknowledged: one, Zardari took the initiative of calling the joint session of parliament for the policy formulation regarding the on going war on terror. This had never happened before as the country was under dictatorship and the military brass made a decision on these sensitive policy matters. Two, the establishment of international funding forum to support our country, Friends of Pakistan, was result of the ideas and efforts of President Zardari during his visit to US. Three, as a result of President's visit to China, the Chinese have committed to invest in Pakistan's financial institutions. Moreover, Chinese multinationals operating in Pakistan have decided to keep their profit within Pakistan to stabilize our foreign exchange reserves. People expecting a 'cash bail out' must understand the very nature of Pak-China relations; it is trade based, not aid based. To sum up, we must give credit to Zardari where due. -SHOAIB HASSAN, Lahore, via e-mail, October 25.