In Raoof Hassan's article (The Nation, October 25, 2008) the writer has said we should take the joint resolution with a pinch of salt. Some bit of cynicism is due but we should not forget that our country has hardly started the journey of democracy and we are facing a lot of problems at inner and outer front. Terrorism is the biggest threats to our sovereignty. We should give credit to the man, who despite having lost his wife to this menace, has stood up to it and is working to unify our people against it. We hear a lot of nasty rumours about him but that is mere propaganda to malign him. Mr. Zardari has proved himself to be a seasoned statesman, by being calm at the helm in very turbulent times. He needs our trust now to grow in the job. The President should be given a chance to implement his vision for the country. This is the first step towards a strong and united Pakistan. We cannot fight the outsiders unless we are strong at home. Lets stop criticism for the sake of criticism and help him rebuild this country. -SHUMAILA RASHID, Lahore, via e-mail, October 25.