KARACHI - Chairperson KPT/KDLB has announced 20 percent reduction in Cess charges, during a Board meeting held here at Karachi, presided over by Nasreen Haque, Chairperson KPT/KDLB it was decided to provide further relief to the Port users. A 20 percent cut in Cess charges of KDLB was proposed which has been approved by the Board. The Chairperson KPT said that the port charges had been rationalised by 40 percent during the last 8 years, 10 percent reduction in port charges announced by the Prime Minister in August this year is included in the total cut of 40 percent. About 20 percent cut in Cess charges of KDLB will reduce the charges by Rs 200 per TEU and Rs 12 (20 ft. container) per ton for handling other than containerised cargo. The Chairperson KPT was of the view that reduction in Cess charges by KDLB will result in considerable financial relief amounting to millions of rupees to the trading community. This gesture on the part of the KDLB Board was a step forward is reducing the cost of doing business in Pakistan.