Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gillani on Tuesday said that there is no possibility of midterm polls or a military coup, because the Army is pro-democracy. This short speech came as a result of growing tensions between different political parties. There are a number of anti-democratic forces in Pakistan that are always hinting the possibility of a military coup. These are basically power thirsty people, who want to get back into the mainstream politics. A number of conspiracy theorists are also working alongside these forces. This speech clearly stated that there is no chance for a military coup or midterm polls, because the army is pro-democracy. Considering the limit of crisis in Pakistan, it is not suitable for political parties to lobby against the government just to get back into power. Democracy has a self-regulating mechanism and with the passage of time, the loopholes that exist today would be fixed. ZAINAB ALI, Islamabad, November 3.