PUNE (India) Former ICC umpire Darrell Hair has taken an annual leave from his New South Wales Umpires and Scorers Association office in Sydney where he is based as an Executive Officer. He could not watch Muralitharans last competitive match at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Friday. Nothing much to say really about Murali, he said when approached for his comments. I never had any ill-feeling towards Muralitharan. I did my job under the laws of cricket and those laws require umpires to be fair to both sides. If one side acts illegally, that always means the other teams should not be disadvantaged, Darrell Hair added. In 1995, on Boxing Day, the Sri Lankan bowler was called for throwing from the bowlers end by this umpire. The ICC subsequently changed their playing conditions to allow for a 15 degree tolerance which brought him and some other bowlers within the range, he added. Under the Laws of Cricket as they stand, Muraliwould still be considered illegal, but as I said the ICC has a tolerance level which allows him and some other bowlers in international cricket to bowl in matches, Hair added.