ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has announced to start countrywide protest movement against corruption, price hike and inefficiency of rulers, which have made Pakistan bankrupt; and suggested no politician in the Judicial Commission. Great numbers of former Nazims, Bar, and trade union officers of Gujranwala Division on Friday have joined PTI and later called on Imran Khan here in party Central Secretariat under the leadership of Barister Mansoor Sarwar, Divisional Organiser of PTI. Imran Khan, later talking to media persons, said that Pakistan was not the ally of any country in the so-called war on terror as in history no ally had bombarded an ally country. He said Pakistani and American people were also against Afghan war but a few people had vested interest in this war, and added that we being Pakistani feel ashamed about what was going on in tribal areas of the country and were also on crossroad to put this country on right track or towards closed end. PTI leader further said that his party could make an alliance with those parties that were not involved in corruption and did not hold foreign properties. He informed that after selling his own apartment in London, he made his own house in Islamabad. Replying to a question, Imran Khan criticised the Government and said that corruption was in full swing, as heavy amount is wasted in corruption and even Haj mission had become a business, while Watan cards are being sold out. He also said that present government had lost the trust and confidence of the public as nobody is ready to pay taxes. Chairman PTI has criticised the American role of patronising corrupt Pakistani leadership for own benefits. He urged the young generation to come forward to change the fate of this country and nation as well. He further suggested that a peaceful revolution was only possible through vote poll and when the Election Commission would be independent. He was of the view that sustainable development and real democracy were possible through imposing jury system on village level. At the end of his talk, Imran Khan reiterated that the manifesto of PTI was the supremacy of law and the dispensation of economic justice in the country.