The shameful act of terror in Darra Adam Khel at a mosque during Friday prayers itself has revealed the sheer ineptitude of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. The Pakistani Taliban led by Commander Tariq have claimed responsibility, but the fact of the matter is that such a dastardly deed could not have been carried out by any true believers of Islam, no matter what they may like to call themselves. That this act was followed by another blast at another mosque in KP, this time in Badhaber, shows that the terrorists are enemies of Islam specifically targeting Muslims in an Islamic country. That these acts of terrorism are also the direct fallout of the Pakistani states complicity in the US so-called war on terror is a foregone conclusion but one which does not justify the murderous deed. Of course, President Obamas deliberate decision to target certain religious groups in Pakistan by placing them on the terrorist list just before his departure for India also had a fatal political opportunism but, again, nothing can reduce the sense of horror and condemnation for targeting worshippers on a Friday in a mosque in an Islamic country. The fact that Muslims are not safe to worship in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is despicable and reflects poorly on the state. Equal responsibility lies with the government of KP, which has totally failed in its duty to protect the citizens of the province. After all, given the vulnerability of the population in this province, the law enforcement and intelligence agencies should have improved their human intelligence. That terrorists are able to shelter openly in areas in close proximity to the provincial capital, Peshawar, speaks volumes about the total failure of the KP government. Even after the first attack, the KP government was not alert enough, nor privy to effective human intelligence, to foil the second attack on the same day. Under these circumstances, it is time for the ANP government in KP to take responsibility and resign. After all, if they cannot protect the people they were elected to serve and safeguard, what is the rationale for their continuation in power?