Presently, terrorists and militant outfits across the country and particularly in tribal areas seem have serious reverses. This has happened because of the efforts of our security forces and the will of the political leadership. There is a marked decline in acts of violence and ones that happen are usually on a very limited scale. This clearly points towards the frail condition of these militant outfits. However, the target killings that have happened in Karachi and Balochistan are a matter of serious concern. Those involved in these incidents are not militants, but are only doing this for their political gains. Maintenance of law and order, especially in Karachi is crucial, because of its importance as the financial capital of the country. We have already seen the implications of allowing troublemakers to run amok in Karachi. Quick and firm action is needed to bring to book all those who are blackmailing the entire nation by raking up trouble in Karachi. FARUKH SARWAR, Islamabad, November 3.