LAHORE Lawyers have expressed dissatisfaction with the governments performance regarding mitigating sufferings of the masses and have urged the community to get united once again to save the country besides helping the poor masses. Addressing a seminar held in connection with torturous action of the police on the lawyers on November 5, 2007 when they were protesting against emergency and PCO issued by dictator Pervez Musharraf, at the LHCBA premises here Friday, the lawyers said people had high hopes with the democratic government after eight years of military rule, but problems of the masses have aggravated whereof despondency was growing in the society. The seminar was organised by Lawyers Foundation on theme of Role of Lawyers for Solidarity of Pakistan. President LHCBA Abdul Quddus smelled a conspiracy to protect the corrupt officers and officials who looted the national wealth. He said if situation is not set right, a bloody revolution would overtake which would be very dangerous given the current environment of the country. He said the slogan of independent judiciary has imbibed in the spirit of the lawyers who would now not tolerate any attack on it. He said this time round the question of national survival is paramount and independent judiciary and other organs working within their set sphere could stand test of the time. He said Musharraf attempted to end the judiciary but the lawyers resisted his move and they would come up with the same spirit if any adventurism is again made by anyone. He called upon the community to forge unity and identify black sheep in their folds which are creating cracks in their ranks. Former president Lahore High Bar Association and leader of the lawyers movement against Musharraf actions, Shah Muhammad lamented failure of the government to live up to the hopes of the masses and said, lawyers would need to come to the street again to fight for the rights. He blamed the political parties for failure and added, in this situation all eyes were set on the lawyers to deliver and save the country. He also floated the idea of making the lawyers alternative leadership in case of failure of the politicians. However, he added, this could be possible only through unity of the community at all tiers. Former President Tax Bar Association, Shafqat Mahmood Chauhan said lawyers movement turned the face of the history and presented Pakistani lawyers to the world as saviour of the country, a character of theirs which has been admired internationally. He said now the lawyers owed responsibility to the future generations after they gave them a hope.