LAHORE - Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer has said that there is no training camp of terrorists in Punjab. Talking to Canadian High Commissioner, Ross Hyness who called on him at Governors House on Friday, Taseer said that several religious seminaries in Punjab were imparting religious education to the students, which did not mean that they served as training camps for the terrorists. Dispelling the negative impression about Madrassas, the governor said that these institutions were endeavouring for propagation of Islam and teaching students about moral and spiritual aspects of the religion. Taseer further told Canadian High Commissioner that terrorists were targeting mosques and shrines of sufi saints, who preached love for mankind and gave lessons of peace to the people in their lifetime. He said terrorists had nothing to do with Islam or any other religion, as they were enemies of humanity. Salmaan said that terrorism was the biggest challenge faced by Pakistan at the moment and its army had taken the extremists head on in FATA and other troubled areas. The governor also briefed the foreign diplomat about the massive destruction caused by raging floods in different parts of the country and governments efforts for rehabilitation of flood affectees. He said the process of rehabilitation of flood victims would be completed in a record period of time as was done in case of Swat IDPs. Ross Hyness was also told about salient features of present political setup in the country, independent judiciary and the role of Opposition and media as watchdog on governments performance. Meanwhile, Pakistan Red Crescent Society presented its annual performance report to the Governor relating to 2009 on Friday. All members of the Red Crescent and vice-chancellors of universities were also present on the occasion.