ISLAMABAD Kashmir Committee of the National Assembly was told on Friday that any endorsement of the Indian bid for a permanent seat in the Security Council would have serious implications regarding seriousness of the issue that has been under consideration at the UN General Assembly. The committee which met with Maulana Fazlur Rahman in chair, was briefed by Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Muhammad Haroon Shaukat, Special Secretary who represented the Foreign Office. On the committees request, a briefing was given, about the forthcoming visit of President Obama to India. Pakistans view that the two sovereign states are entitled to develop their bilateral relations in a manner and along lines that they deem fit, was reiterated. The committee was informed that Pakistan attached particular importance to its own bilateral relations with the United States, which are progressing in a satisfactory manner. Pakistan seeks to develop mutually beneficial partnership with the US based on mutual interest and mutual respect, the committee was further told. It was also informed that Pakistan, in its interaction with the US, attached importance to regional stability and security. It is Pakistans considered view that anything that militates against the regional balance in South Asia was counter productive and was not in the interest of the region and the world. In response to a question about prospects of India acquiring a permanent seat in the UN Security Council and possible US endorsement of such a position, the committee was informed that Pakistans approach on the issue of reform and expansion of the Security Council was based on principles. Pakistan has consistently held the view that such decisions that impact the global system of inter-state relations based on the charter require consensus. The spirit and the principles of the charter should not be compromised. The principle of sovereign equality is a cardinal principle, the committee was told. Endorsing the candidacy of any one or more states for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council will be at variance with the spirit of the charter and would infringe the principles of sovereign equality. Creating a new class of privileged members, with or without veto, is not an option. The issue of the Security Councils expansion cannot be divorced from the broader questions relating to the restructuring of the global system. Pakistan, therefore, opposes expansion in the permanent category and further perpetuation of existing anomalies, the committee was told.