LAHORE - The PML-Q completely enjoys the support of 'forward bloc and could express show of force when the need arises in this regard or when the PPP come up with a doable proposal for changing the existing set up in Punjab, claimed Chaudhry Moonis Elahi, senior leader of PML-Q. Chaudhry Moonis, who considers himself the candidate for chief minister Punjab if the PML-Q and PPP join hands in the province, made this claim in an exclusive chat with The Nation on Friday. Members of forward bloc were part and parcel of PML-Q, as they were elected on their party tickets and they could not go anywhere else, he affirmed. Senior PML-Q leader claiming that a major chunk of forward bloc was in constant contact with his party leadership said that the remaining lot of the bloc could be convinced in no time to return to their real ranks if they wanted respect and participation in any of the expected new set up in the province. Regarding the most recent meeting of the forward bloc members with PML-N leaders, he said that ruling party had become unnerved after contacts between the PML-Q and PPP and hurriedly approached the bloc members who were otherwise never contacted by even the principal staff officer of the chief minister. He also said that PML-N leadership had once again made false promises with the members of forward bloc and several members contacted PML-Qs leadership after the stated meeting of bloc members and PML-N leadership. Chaudary Moonis claimed that bloc members told him that they met with PML-N leaders 'for the sake of meeting only, however, the attitude of the PML-N leaders was always deceiving and they were seriously considering reviewing their political options. Senior PML-Q leader remarked that time for 'Wattoo like tactics and Changa Manga option have passed and according to the 'new political practice political parties could get the support of any member parliament only by negotiating with each individual, which was not the habit of the PML-N. About Atta Manika who claims himself the 'head of the forward bloc or what he called unification bloc reaffirmed time and again supporting the ruling party in the province, Chaudhry Moonis said that Manika has no 'say in the bloc and he just claimed himself to be the leader of the bloc. He challenged that Manika should make public a list of forward bloc with the signatures of its members if he really enjoys the support of the so-called bloc. To another query about the failure of earlier efforts to dislodge the PML-N government in Punjab, Chaudhry Moonis replied that PML-Q was not part of the stated move, while the PPP leadership devised weak political strategy to oust the PML-N. However, he said that things had changed to a larger extent in the current political scenario and PML-N rule was floating on ' just a plank and could be brought down with a slight effort of two major political forces in the provincial assembly.