LAHORE The concept that 'no one is above the law was tested in the city on Friday in a stand off between a VVIP and the traffic police. As a case in point, the traffic warden who issued on Friday challan ticket to Syed Ali Musa Gilani, son of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani after he was detected riding a vehicle having tinted-glasses, had to face wrath of the PMs son. More interestingly, his driving licence was also found expired. Police sources revealed to this scribe that traffic warden Ahsan Mushtaq stopped a tinted-glasses vehicle (LEC-153) at Ring Road-III near Allama Iqbal International Airport at about 11:30 am on Friday. When he asked the driver to present him the registration book, a well-dressed man came out of the vehicle and introduced himself as PMs son. The warden refused to let them go and told them point-blank that 'no one is above the law. Musa Gilani got furious, hurled abusive language at the warden. The warden did not care about it and demanded the registration book. Later, the PMs son handed him his expired driving licence and the warden issued a challan ticket of Rs 300. As the angry Musa Gilani left the scene, the telephones started ringing at the traffic police headquarters. Sources claimed that Chief Traffic Officer Syed Ahmed Mubin contacted the warden by phone. Sources further claimed that the CTO also ordered the warden to immediately rush to the PMs house along with Senior Traffic Warden Zaman Khan and seek apology from the PMs son. The warden straightaway refused to do so. The warden left the scene to offer Friday prayers, switching off his mobile phone. There was a visible panic in offices of top police officers after this incident, a police officer revealed. But the CTO Mubin strongly denied this, stating How can we admonish an officer if he performs his duty efficiently. However, sources said traffic high-ups reached Rahat Bakery bus stop in Cantonment area, where the traffic warden was deputed and managed to convince him to be silent to save his and their skins as the incident had started making headlines on the local TV channels. When contacted, CTO Ahmed Mubin confirmed that the traffic warden had issued the challan ticket. I was at 7-Club (CM Office) when the incident took place. Actually, the driver of Musa Gilani was driving, he explained. The driver handed over the licence of the PMs son while the PMs son was not inside the car, the CTO insisted. The warden issued the challan ticket and took the expired licence of the PMs son into his possession, he maintained.