MUMBAI (AFP) From US warships patrolling the waters to electronic jammers and even a ban on powerful Diwali firecrackers, nothing is being left to chance for US President Barack Obamas visit to Mumbai. Obama on Friday departed Washington to begin the Asian tour that will take him to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. He, along with his wife Michelle, boarded his plane at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington and headed to India, with a brief refuelling stop at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. The plane departed at 1415 GMT, an AFP journalist reported. Security will be tight for the two-day trip, with memories still fresh of the deadly attacks two years ago that killed 166 and Obama himself staying at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, which was the focus of the bloody three-day siege. Obama is the most high-profile visitor to the city since then and police and government officials, who were criticised for their response to the onslaught, are keen to show they can handle the visit of the worlds most powerful man. Advance teams of US secret service agents have been in the city for weeks, working with their Indian counterparts to ensure the safety of the presidents accommodation, the venues he will visit and key transport links. A senior Indian security official told the Mid-Day newspaper last month that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were overseeing the operation. They will keep 24/7 vigil over the skies and seas as hundreds of US intelligence officials are expected to descend on the city, he was quoted as saying ahead of Obamas arrival on Saturday. Electronic surveillance and eavesdropping equipment has been shipped into the city in recent weeks, including jammers that will block all mobile phones in the vicinity of the president. The measures - now standard for presidential visits abroad, according to analysts - come alongside more traditional security methods by law enforcement agencies like road closures, strict identity checks and sweeping buildings. Air space will be closed for the arrival and departure of the presidential jet, Air Force One, and others carrying the large and influential US delegation of officials and businessmen for the trip to Mumbai and New Delhi. Maritime security will also be beefed up, with a US warship joining India Navy and Coastguard vessels on patrol. Movement of ships around the citys coastline has been banned, including the wooden tourist boats that normally ply the route to and from the Gateway of India monument near the Taj Hotel to the popular Elephanta Caves. Even the photographers who tout for tourist trade outside the Taj and Gateway of India have been told to stay away, along with the drivers of the elaborately decorated horse-drawn carriages. Other more unconventional measures include a ban on setting off ear-splitting firecrackers near the presidents hotel to celebrate Diwali. Indian intelligence agencies, their US counterparts, elite commandos, police, air force and navy personnel undertook a full dress rehearsal on Thursday.