LAHORE - Though there are political and religious personalities who matter but the owners, CEOs of multinational companies, social websites, media organizations and heads of financial institutions were actually controlling the world through their force, Forbes shows a list of most powerful people in the world in its recent issue. Over 6.8 billion population of the planet, 68 people have been chosen by Forbes, which can bend the world through various ways but interestingly nearly 40 people belong to financial and social sector. Amazingly, Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi was picked up among powerful people not only for being the PM of Italy, but also a billionaire media mogul and owner of a soccer team, AC Milan. The internet, having billions of customers and millions of employees ultimately making the owners of internet companies influential as the list carries Larry Page and Sergy Brin, the co-founders of Google, Steve Jobs, CEO Apple, Carlos Slim Helu, Chairman Telmex, Jeffery Immelt, CEO General Electric, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder Facebook, Robin Lee, CEO Baidu-Chinese search engine, Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon-the world biggest online retailer and Bill Gates. Ruoprt Murdoch, CEO US-based News Corporation, Bill Keller, Executive Editor The New York Times, Oprah Winfery, Media personality, Julian Assange Editor-in-Chief WikiLeaks are also have commanding say in the globe. No doubt, the heads of banks and financial institutions were leading in world matters as the list issue by Forbes have the names of the Chairman Federal Reserve USA, Governor Peoples Bank of China, President European Central Bank, Chairman China Investment Corporation, Chairman Hutchison Whampoa and Chueng Kong Holdings, Managing Director IMF, Governor Bank of Japan and CEO Softbank. Five Indians including two industrialists Ratan Tata and Lakshmi Mittal are also mentioned. Similarly, the multinational companies in various sectors especially in oil and power sector have authority in globs as the list have the companies from various countries are the Wall Mart, Berkshire Hathaway, Goldman Sachs, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy, JPMorgan Chase, Black Rock, ExxonMobil, OPEC, Koch Industries, EBX Group, PIMCO and Sinaloa Cartel. Forbes has made the list to define power in four dimensions including persons have influence over a lot of people, measured the size of their flocks, counted their employees and considered the size of their audience etc.