LAHORE Dengue is an international problem, however the situation in Punjab was being normalised with the help of awareness seminars and public cooperation. These views were expressed by Speaker Punjab assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal khan while addressing the provincial advocacy seminar held under the auspices of Pakistan Medical Society in collaboration with Lahore College for women university, Lahore. Rana Iqbal said that panic is more than the gravity of the disease. All recourses have been mobilised as Punjab government was fully committed to tackle the disease. The chief minister himself was monitoring the situation of dengue in the province and no negligence will be tolerated at any level. Pakistan Medical Society Chairman Dr Masood Akhtar Sheikh addressing the seminar said dengue fever is a self-limiting disease with almost 100 per cent recovery and there is hardly any mortality associated with it, so there is no need to panic. He said that there has been no specific treatment for dengue fever, but anybody suspecting the dengue fever should not use Asprin or any form of NSAID as these can be dangerous for dengue patients and may result in bleeding due to platelets dysfunction. It is the dengue hemorrhagic fever & dengue shock syndrome that can be dangerous. He said there has been no vaccine available for the disease, and prevention is the only tool for controlling the disease. The vaccine can be effective if it covers protection against all four types of the dengue virus means DEN1, DEN II, DEN III, & DEN IV. Any vaccine made against only one type may result in more serious form of the disease, he added. Dr Masood Sheikh said preventive measure is to be directed against mosquito control measures, the main source for the transmission of the virus. Dengue virus carrying mosquito Aedies Egypti, has the ability to reproduce in a very thin water film of fresh water, as thin as one rupee coin. The dengue virus carrying mosquito Aedies Egypti, has an average life span of only two to three weeks, if proper fresh water reservoirs are available then during this span, it has the capacity to lay 250 to 300 eggs that can give rise to the same number of adult mosquitoes. Dr Masood Sheikh said that in life cycle, the mosquito passes through eggs, larva, pupa, and finally adult mosquito, in an average time of only one week. This is the reason that fresh water left for one week is the potential place for the Aedies Egypti mosquito breeding. All efforts should be directed to avoid even such a thin film of fresh water to stay in any vessel longer than 5-6 days during this season. A very simple method to avoid the breeding of the dengue virus mosquito is keep on changing water at least once in 5 days, in flower pots, money plants, water kept in the trays of water pots, water left in bottles, bath tubs, even the water tanks. The Senior Vice President of PMS Dr Israr Hussain said that Pakistan Medical Society has been chalking out an effective dengue preventive campaign for general public to create awareness about simple and cost effective methods of controlling the disease.