ISLAMABAD - As many as 22 federal government college lecturers will not be able to celebrate this Eid too as they have not been paid their salaries for the past three months due to criminal negligence on the part of the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD). The salaries of male lecturers working in different Federal Government Colleges under Federal Director of Education (FDE) were stopped when their contract got expired on August 8 and the AGPR stopped their salaries till the renewal of their contract. Since then its been three months that they have been visiting the directorate and CADD to get release the salaries. We observed Eid-ul-Fitr without salaries and now we would spend Eid-ul-Azha also without salaries. One can imagine how much it is difficult to live a decent life in the Capital without any salary but the CADD officials do not realize it. Even last year as well it took seven months to release our salaries when that were stopped for the same reason lamented a lecturer. According to an FDE official earlier, the directorate did not initiate the process to release the salaries and did not move the case to CADD for approval. And now when the file has been forwarded to CADD, its lying with the CADD office and gathering dust. Every time we go to the officials, they makes one or the other excuses and ask us to be patient as if we are demanding that is not something our right and it is not their duty to clear the file so that our salaries could be released remarked another lecturer. According to them their services were regularized on October 26 and the notification to release the salaries could also have been issued with it but they did not do so. A file that needs only the approval of CADD secretary Junaid Iqbal could not be forwarded further and they failed to issue the notification before Eid realizing the problems of the lecturers that is sheer negligence on their part. It has been so long that even our family members are disappointed. It is going to be a Black Eid. After Eid if the notification is issued still it will take a month to get released our salaries because the AGPR officials also do not release it easily and one needs to bribe them or find a connection to influence them. The notification for regularisation of lecturers and teachers have been issued.