If the report appearing in the latest issue of the American magazine, The Atlantic, that Pakistans nuclear weapons were transported in minivans, was true, it would be truly frightening. But for those with even a mere nodding acquaintance with Pakistans nuclear programme, the report is as incredible as knowledgeable sources within the military have said it is. Even the harshest critics of Pakistan, including Israel, India and the USA, have acknowledged the quality and safety of Pakistans command and control system for these weapons, rendering it impossible for there to be an accidental launch or any launch without the express desire of the command authority. However, the report does not seem to be an attempt to report as to provide a backing chorus to those who are desirous of eliminating Pakistans nuclear deterrent, achieved at high cost and by hard work and perseverance, by its nuclear scientists. This desire is fuelled by those most fearful of our nuclear ability, ie India, which has found that deterrent a hurdle in its attempt to establish hegemony over the region, following US encouragement in helping it fulfil its wish to emerge as a regional counterweight to China. It would also help India in achieving its ambition of reversing partition. India wants Pakistan to fear its nuclear weapons and its solution is to deprive Pakistan of this deterrent and it has succeeded in enlisting the USA to help in this effort. Such reports are also utilised by certain lobbies within the USA to create circumstances where it can cut aid, as it has tellingly done. Meanwhile, Pakistan's utility as an ally in its war on terror appears unreduced. It may also be time for Pakistan to stop accepting as gospel free reports in the US media and demand the US governments to distance themselves from such malicious tactics. It bears mentioning that India, with its numerous nuclear accidents and patchy nuclear safety record never finds mention in the American press. Pakistan should need no further evidence that it is time to withdraw from the alliance in the war on terror. The ruling elite must overcome its fascination with the USA, and their desire for its support, and pay attention to the real wishes of the Pakistani people, and come out clearly in opposition to its war which started out as being described as a 'crusade', in the guise of a war on terror.