LAHORE (APP) A 2-day high level expo and international conference of experts will be held on November 26-27 in the city. The aim of holding this mega event is to boost food and agriculture productivity. The conference will deliberate on various issues related to improving national productivity in food and agriculture. The event is being organized by the Development Time, news magazine in cooperation with Asian Productivity Organization of Japan, National Productivity Organization Government of Pakistan, UVAS, University of Agriculture Faislabad, Farmers Associates Pakistan, Agri Fourm Pakistan (Regd) and Enginners Study Fourm (Regd). Foreign delegates from APO (Japan) and from other countries will participate in the event while some UK companies are likely to set up stalls in the Expo. The expo will be participated by manufactures of agricultural and food products, pesticides, fertilizers, agricultural machinery and equipment and service providers in the sectors concerned.