On October 22nd, an incident of profound anguish and inconsolable grief took place in Vehari when a husband chopped off the nose and lips of his wife with a sharp edged weapon. She had to undergo this dreadful maltreatment at the hands of her husband because she declined to dance with him on stage. This nightmarish incident is sufficient enough a testimony to the fact that there is a serious aberration in our social standards. Day in, day out we are horrified to hear the poignant news of rapes, murders, dacoities and other felonies. Since there is no fear of being punished sternly by law, the vagabonds are committing heinous crimes with impunity. The rogues consider felonies as mere misdemeanor. There isan urgent need to make strict and stringent laws to curb the pervasive crimes or otherwise our society will become an utter example of lawlessness. In my humble opinion the parliament should make such laws that should shudder the soul of a perpetrator before doing anything immoral. Why should death penalty be not given to the rapists and why should not the lips and nose of the man be slit who chopped off his wife's nose and lips? The purpose of law should be to accord equitable retribution for an offended party. It is high time that our parliament made laws on the principle of "An eye for an eye". It is said that justice should be seen to be done and it is only possible if that person who has injured another person receives the same injury in compensation. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, November 5.