MOUNT ARAFAT (Agencies) - More than two million Muslims gathered Saturday on Saudi Arabias Mount Arafat and its surrounding plain, marking the peak day of the Haj, the worlds largest annual pilgrimage. Dressed in white garments, the pilgrims filled Masjid-e-Nimra in Arafat and the nearby streets and camps for collective prayer, led by Saudi Arabias Mufti Azam, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh. Islam is the solution for the problems of Muslims, he said in a speech before the prayer began, warning the faithful of a media and cultural invasion that seeks to weaken (their) faith. He urged Muslims to solve their problems without interference from their enemies, condemning those who want to provoke hostility between you and your leaders. Saudi Arabias top cleric said that Islam is facing challenges and divisions and urged Muslims to solve the problems only through peaceful means away from bloodshed. To the people I say: solve your problems by dialogue not through blood, Al Sheik told worshippers, who created a sea of white robes covering the streets and the mountain. More than 2.5 million Muslim pilgrims have reached Mount of Arafat, after staying a night at Mina, to perform annual Haj rites. They will perform Waquf, the main pillar of Haj at Arafat mount where prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had delivered his final Haj sermon. Islam is a complete way of life and an unprecedented religion which stresses upon peace, harmony and brotherhood among its followers, the Al Sheikh said. He urged Ulema across the world to play their due role in eliminating evils form Muslim societies and propagate true teachings of Islam through media and other modern means. The Al Sheikh said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had formed a society which was free of sectarianism, racialism, nationalism and other biased behaviours. It is responsibility of the Muslim Ummah to preach virtue and forbid wrong and unlawful conduct, he said. The Al Sheikh urged Muslims to respect each other and serve as a guardian of each others lives and properties. Muslims should protect their rights being mutually cooperative. This years Haj coincides with the Arab Spring democracy protests that have swept many nations in the region and led to the ouster of the autocratic leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The Sheikh exhorted Muslim rulers to act according to Sharia while dealing with masses. Muslim governments should not use weapons and forces against their own people but act as per Islamic teaching. Quran and Sunnah are the sole guidelines for Muslims, he said, adding that Quran prohibits bloodshed, violence and discrimination. Since late Friday, pilgrims assembled around the mountain have been praying and reading Holy Quran. While many slept in tent compounds, others set up their small tents on sidewalks and streets. Charities and vendors along the way handed out food and umbrellas to shield the climbers from the harsh sun. They chanted: Labyek Allahum Labyek or Here Im at thy service, my God, at thy service. After sunset, the pilgrims will leave Arafat and headed to nearby Muzdalifah, where they collect pebbles for the next phase of the pilgrimage the symbolic stoning of the devil (Rami) represented by three pillars in Mina, just to the west. The pilgrims then slaughter a camel, sheep or cow to celebrate the beginning of the Eidul Azha and shave off their heads. Afterwards, they will take off Ehram (white sheets worn during Haj) and put on their normal dress. There were no immediate reports of major incidents as security officials focused on crowd control. Things are going well and according to plans, interior ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki told AFP. Meanwhile, the ceremony of replacing Ghulaf-e-Kaaba was performed on Saturday. The kiswa, the black velvet covering of the Kaaba, is changed on every 9th of Zil Haj as its the ritual in Haj. The kiswa, which means a cover, has been tailored in 150 kg gold and silver and 670kg of fine thread (Resham).