Nepra has announced yet another increase of Rs. 1.77 per unit of power while the cost of hydel electricity is stated to be 13 paisas per unit, HSD Rs. 18.02 per unit, furnace oil Rs. 14.81 per unit and cost of Karkey RPP was Rs. 42.57 per unit. Wisdom would demand that we must go for hydel route by all possible means to make power affordable for the masses otherwise the repeated increases in power rates would make it well-nigh impossible for us and power thefts would rise consequently. The economists of the Government must advise the rulers to undertake the construction of KBD which would be the earliest route to produce dirt cheap power. Other dams could follow suit but we must set our priorities right. We could not go on producing power from IPP and RPP units which would be disastrous for our economy and unbearable for the common man. Somebody ought to see the folly of using imported fuel to generate power at ever increasing cost. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, November 4.