LAHORE A petition was on Saturday filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to seek hearing of an earlier petition for construction of Kala Bagh Dam. The new petition has been filed by Barrister Zafarullah Khan of the Watan Party, contending that his main petition, filed for a direction to the Federal Government to construct the dam in the larger interest of the county, is pending decision over the last 11 years. The petitioner said that the last time the matter came up for hearing before a Full Bench of the Apex Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary was in 2006 when the court had issued notice to the Attorney General of Pakistan and the principal law officers of the provinces to seek their assistance in the matter in addition to others. However the petition later on did not come up for proceeding despite the fact applications were moved for the earlier hearing of the same. The petitioner through instant plea has prayed to the court for placing the matter before the Bench to an early hearing, as the need to construct KBD was never so pressing as it is today. He says the country is facing a serious power hunger whereof its economy was dipping down for not having sufficient electricity for the industrial and agricultural growth. He says the KBD, which has to be built on river Sindh, has not only to provide highly cheaper electricity to the tune of 5000mw to run the wheel of industry and for the agriculture sectors in addition to providing for the domestic consumers but has to also conserve a large volume of water to irrigate the crops to promote our agriculture. He says it was highly regrettable a huge amount of water which could be reserved in KDB, was going waste through drainage into the sea while the issue of constructing KBD stands politicized for the personal interests instead of watching the national interests. The petitioner says the government is tending to acquire highly expensive electricity through Rental Power Plants (RPPs) instead of paving the way for the construction of the KBD. He says the government gives priority to the RPPs for they bring the rulers big commissions which were not available if KBD is built and the people begin to get cheaper source of energy. The petitioner giving a comparison between Bhasha Dam and the KBD says, Basha has to complete after 11 years with much higher cost than the KBD which has to complete in just five years with the cost of only $five billion. The KBD feasibility is ready and construction can be started just next day, the petitioner says adding, China and India have developed hundreds of dams over the last 25 years but we have failed to add even a single one while construction of the KBD has been made disputative just for political gains and to earn money by way of purchasing electricity from the private sector at much higher rates. He further says that the government is going to purchase electricity from India which would damage us politically and economically in addition to softening our position on the issues of Kashmir etc. The petitioner has urged the court that the writ petition may be given an early hearing feeling urgency involved in meeting energy needs of the country.