OUR STAFF REPORTER KARACHI - The Karachi University (KU) has put the Pakistan Rangers on the campus to maintain law and order, with special powers given to its personnel, following the manhandling of a teacher of the Philosophy Department by some students belonging to a union backed by a political group. Curbs have been instituted against gathering of student unions on the varsity premises. The KU would afford all expenses for the protection of its teachers, staff and students, said Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui while expressing sorrow over the manhandling of Shah Alam. This decision came after a meeting between the vice-chancellor and PR Commander Col Ahtisham on Saturday. Orders have been issued for cancellation of entrance passes of all vehicles until the next order. The PR has been given the authority for snap-checking of vehicles on the campus, while outsiders will be issued passes only upon their identification. KU staff and students will be bound to display their varsity cards on their pockets. KU Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Nasir Khan, Acting Registrar Prof Dr Mansoor Ahmed, Students Adviser Prof Dr Anser Rizvi and others attended the meeting. Meanwhile, the committee formed to probe the incident of the attack on the teacher has furnished its report to the vice-chancellor. It has fixed the responsibility of the incident on two students. Stern action will be taken once the inquiry is completed by the body, which comprises Prof Dr Nasir Khan, Prof Dr Mansoor Ahmed and Prof Dr Anser Rizvi.