LAHORE The National Industrial Relations Commission restored the activities of Civil Aviation Employees Union (CBA) within 24 hours of banning of the activities of the CBA Union by Civil Aviation Authorities DG. I dont know why the NIRC has restored the CBA in a hurry when the DG had rightly banned their activities after the completion of the unions tenure, said a senior CAA officer on the condition of anonymity. The CBA Unions head-office at Allama Iqbal International Airport had also been sealed. But after the setting aside of the DGs decision by the NIRC, the unionists on Saturday again opened their offices and started the routine work. The CBAs tenure had been completed on August 4 last and new referendum was mandatory to run the affairs of the union, but the Union of Civil Aviation Employees UCAE and CAA Liberal Employees Union after the merger have got relief from the NIRC. After the amalgamation, it got the new name of Federation of CAA Employees and was registered. The ban was carried out on the direction of the CAAs Director General Air Marshal Khalid Chaudhary. The DG had also ordered all the airport managers to close the offices of the CBA and to take all immunities back from the office bearers. Employees Unity president Rao Aslam has said that they will challenge the referendum in a court of law and will also file a case in the NAB against the Federation as its office bearers had drawn Rs50 to 60 millions from the account of CBA illegally when their tenure was over. He said that after expiry of tenure no office bearer of CBA was authorized to draw fund from the account. He said they were collecting evidences and they would get the account of CBA audited by an independent auditor. Former CBA and present federation never got any charter of demand approved from the management rather they spoiled the fund of the CAA employees by fighting legal battle in court against each other. Rs. Five millions were drawn to pay the consultancy fee to renowned lawyer Aitizaz Ahsan to plead their case, said and added, I am of the view that Aitezaz has sympathies with employees and he can never receive such huge amount from them. Former CBA had 40 cases in courts and almost all the funds collected by employees were used in courts. It is worth mentioning here that there were more than 10000 employees working at all the airports of Pakistan who pay Rs.50 per month as Union fund, he added. When this scribe tried to contact Taimoor Baig, the former president of the UCAE, to know his viewpoint on the issue, his cell phone remained unattended.