KARACHI - President Asif Ali Zardari with a master stroke, at the stroke of midnight on November 5, scored three successes that overwhelmed his opponents and poured cold water on their misplaced hopes in Sindh. On Friday midnight, the Commissionerate system was restored after an earlier Ordinance issued by the Sindh Governor lapsed at the end of the 90 days, deflating the moves of the nationalists and the arch rival Mumtaz Bhutto who were poised to start an anti-PPP agitation if the Commissionerate system was not implemented, that would have created headache for the PPP in the long run. The nationalists lost a handle that would have given them a cause to embarrass the PPP and weaken its vote bank in the interior. Now the nationalist would have to wait for another emotional issue to whip up anti-PPP sentiments to advance their own myopic agenda to retain their credibility as the saviour of Sindh. Restoration of Commissionerate system deflected the anti-PPP feelings of non-governance and mishandling the rain affectees which are still residing on higher grounds and facing miserable lives. These millions forgot their miseries and celebrated that finally a system has been restored which would help them in future. Even the issue of mis-governance and delivering to the people has also been forgotten with the announcement of the restoration of Commissionerate System. President Zardari remained at the Presidential Camp in Bilawal House Karachi till everything was in order as the first ticker of the restoration of Commissionerate system was appeared on TV Channel, to the satisfaction of all those who were expecting the situation to turn unsavory for the government. Both the PPP and MQM Core Committee members kept on talking to find a common ground for a new system. But the lengthy discussion held at the CMs House was meant to control the damage that would have occurred if the meeting had come to some dramatic conclusion. The meeting ended with the two coalition partners satisfied with the progress made. The MQM did not stretch their discussions where it could have reached a breaking point and felt that resumption of negotiations could be made after Eid recess. Political observers are of the view that Zardari believes in give and take and believes in survival of his rule. He has succeeded in overcoming a critical situation and all his opponents were left with red faces when the announcement of the Commissionerate system was made. Political analysts believe that he has successfully used Dr Zulfiqar Mirza as a pawn to checkmate the nationalists and the high hopes of his coalition partners in Sindh. The PPP government in Sindh had already done its homework and prepared long list of commissioners and DCs who would take over the reins of administration. As the clock struck the midnight, the long list was issued within minutes suggesting that the PPP had already knew that it has to restore the Commissionerate System to checkmate moves of the opponents. It also gives hint that even the MQM knew what was coming and the lengthy discussions which were being held at the CMs House were just a smoke screen.