As if the people were not already under pressure from energy, loadshedding and water shortage, another sad dimension has been added to our daily lives to make us further miserable i.e. gas loadshedding in the coming winter. It is reported that gas would be supplied to domestic consumers three times a day for a few hours to enable the consumers to cook food in haste. This would mean shutting down the geysers so as to force the people to use cold water for bathing in the winter. It now appears as if the proverbial lion of PML-N has eaten our energy, gas and bread to complete the devastation in this unlucky land. Allah Almighty has bestowed on us ample resources of running water in rivers to be used as storage for power generation as also for irrigation but we are destined to go down the drain like people of ‘Yemen’ when their Siddi – Maarib dam was destroyed as a punishment by Allah to impoverish that nation. We are likely to be punished in a like manner in our failure to build a mega hydro electric dam due to rank ingratitude of our rulers and people who return such rulers repeatedly to lord over us to our utter loss.

DR.M.YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 25.