In order to address the need to curb escalating pollution and hiking prices on vegetables, a seminar was organized by the Agriculture University of Rawalpindi and Punjab Directorate of Agriculture Information on Monday. The event emphasized upon the need to cultivate vegetables and fruits through kitchen gardening, which also ensures healthy living. According to the chief guest of the event, Professor Rai Nawaz Ahmad, kitchen gardening not only makes organic food possible and affordable; it also reduces kitchen expenditure and health issues. Instead of giving into the unreasonably high market prices of fruits and vegetables, citizens can take advantage of better and fresher organic food at home by growing it themselves.

The idea of growing and nurturing your own garden may not be novel to many dwellers in rural environments, but urban citizens would gain many benefits from kitchen gardening. Increasingly polluted urban spaces and equally daunting market prices of vegetables and fruits make organic food nearly impossible to buy. For this reason, kitchen gardening can provide a long list of health and budget advantages including time and money saving, reduced environmental impact and improvement in bodily health.

In addition to positively impacting the producer’s health, kitchen gardening is a wonderful alternative to consuming vegetables and fruits that receive pesticide treatment that leads to dangerous hormonal and nerve damage. Producing your own organic food saves you from chemical agent laden products and subsequently rescues one from jeopardizing their health. Our cities throughout the country continue to undergo some of the worst forms of decay and deterioration that leaves colossal effect on our lives. Furthermore, the sky-touching prices of food products – including our vegetables and fruits – leave scanty little for us to enjoy and improve our health with. It does not even require a lot; just a few square feet of the rich soil, a water source, and a little time.