In this growing era of internet usage we need to formulate new cyber laws to deal with growing cases of cyber crimes in Pakistan.

YouTube was blocked due to some un-Islamic material being uploaded there but it can always be easily unblocked through proxy server or hotspot-shield software. The real problem is protecting privacy on the YouTube or multimedia (mobile phone). Some countries have taken a number of steps to ban MMS in educational institutions, and protect cyber privacy.

The government needs to take some serious steps such as asking all the service providers to put in place a responsible person to act as a point man to deal with cases of copyright infringement material being posted on the web. The new law will be based on USA’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998. Our telecommunication authority could take a cue from developed countries and take steps in consonance with our religion and socio-cyber milieu.

There is a great need to realize that closing down YouTube or Goggle are not solutions but stop-gap actions which need to be followed with solid laws that will prevent such cyber crimes in Pakistan.


Rawalpindi, November 4.