The first one day match played between Pakistan and Proteas upturned our cricket team. It was a real slap in the face by the Proteas. Although our batsmen have been struggling for quite some time they burst like bubbles and perished pathetically. Six wickets for 17 runs was a real platter to cherish for SA. Spectators were stunned by what they saw on the ground. With every match, our weaknesses are being exposed. On the same day India beat Australia by chasing 350 target for the 2nd time in the ongoing series.

Apparently, our batsmen were paralysed and failed to chase a meager total of 183. It appeared as if someone had tied their hands and feet. No attacking cricket was played except by Shehzad. The way we played, depicts our mental strength and ability to tackle challenges. No technique was applied to play an average leg spinner, no counseling or piece of advice was handed out to players by the manager or coach who is only interested in lucrative remuneration and free stays in foreign countries.

Shahid Afridi’s rush of blood and endeavour to score runs by adapting aerial route back fired and paved the ground for Pakistan's shameful defeat which our players bagged shamelessly. Afridi, although 33 years old, still lacks any wisdom while playing. The 35 plus player is totally unreliable, especially when his team is in troubled waters. South Africa deserved the victory owing to the poor display put out by Pakistan. Our team lacks confidence, training, fitness and mental strength. All this can only be given by a local coach like Javed Miandad or Mohsin Hassan Khan. A wide communication gap crops up among young players and foreign coaches and the results would be the same as seen yesterday. With such level of competence and performance, the day is not far when we will be topping the list of teams from the bottom.


Islamabad, October 31.