The public has raised the issue of government hospitals being in very bad condition, time and again, but they remain deplorable and shabby. They are a disgrace to the country and to Islam, which tells us to establish a welfare state, that caters to people’s need and to take care of them but the horrible state of these hospitals is enough to worsen the condition of the patients who are forced by poverty to come here.

No cleanliness, lack of electricity, no proper staff, stray cats and insects roam these substandard, so called, healthcare providers. The doctors are more interested in their private practices then focusing on the patients in the these hospitals, unavailability of medicines, lack of proper equipment and the list goes on. Not everybody can afford private hospitals, who albeit expensive, do give proper treatment. How many people will have to suffer before the government realises the enormity of this predicament and rectify it?


Karachi, October 31.