islamabad - The capital administration & development division (CADD) has decided to establish an autism centre in the federal capital. In this regard CADD Minister of State Barrister Usman Ibrahim chaired a meeting on Wednesday and directed the officials to make a committee comprising joint secretary health, director National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM) and Dr Rafat Hafeez from NIRM to establish an autism centre in Islamabad. The committee would prepare the initial proposal in which the cost and budgeting would be finalised along with the requirement of infrastructure for the centre, and would submit it to the minister office till November 10.

Autistic syndrome disorder, commonly known as ASD, is one of the rarest syndromes in which a child with high intellect and a normal IQ level is unable to lead an independent life. There are around 400-500 children including classic ASDs patients to minor ASDs patients in Islamabad, who need to be taken care of, stated the state minister. “These children have as much right to spend a normal and healthy life as any other normal children. Such children are different from mentally retarded children because of having high intellect level. Although they are slow to react, they don’t make eye contact, they through tantrums and show their anger due to low confidence level, they have OCD problem as well, in severe cases absence of speech, behavioural disorder and aggression is also found in such kids,” he explained.

“Many projects get shelved because they are very ambitious; therefore, we would initiate this project as a pilot project initially as to see its success rate,” emphasised the minister. “We would not have to face any hurdles of funding as it would be a joint effort of the CADD, NIRM and Baitul Mal. Moreover he said that initially we would arrange the space, equipments, and medical staff for the centre ourselves and on a later stage international donor agencies would be involved after monitoring the success rate of the project,” he added.