LAHORE - Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, President Punjab PPP, has described the Wagah border bomb blast as a sheer security lapse ,adding, that the authorities should have been extra vigilant when early warning  was given to them by the security agencies in this regard.

He said this while talking to media at Gurkhi Hospital here on Wednesday where he went to inquire about the health of the injured persons of the terrorist attack.

Wattoo said that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto was the first leader of the country who loudly and clearly declared that the terrorists must be taken head on as they only understand the language of force because they were devoid of civility and stood for barbarity.

He said that the nation was united to defeat terrorists to make the country a citadel of peace and security ,adding, he had no doubt in his mind about the success of Pakistani people in this account.

He appreciated the determination of the injured persons who expressed their resolve to defeat the menace firmly believing that such cowardice acts of terrorism would not weaken their resolve.

To another question, Main Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo urged the government that the victims of the bomb blast must be compensated immediately as per announcement. Delay in this regard is unforgiving, he observed.

He regretted that similar cheques issued by the Punjab government were dishonored lately that indeed tantamount to joke with the victims.

He appreciated the hospital management that looked after the injured persons well by providing them excellent medical facilities.