TRC seeks suggestions to bring improvement in tax system

ISLAMABAD (Staff Reporter): The Tax Reforms Commission (TRC) has sought the suggestions and recommendations from general public till November 30 to bring improvement in the tax system of the country. “ Please submit your suggestions and ideas to be considered by the TRC”, said a notification. The last date for submission of suggestions is 30th November 2014.  The govt on Sept 25 this year had notified a Tax Reforms Commission for reviewing and rationalization of direct and indirect taxes, customs tariff rationalization, review of autonomy and administrative structure of FBR, creation of border force to deal with illegal movement of persons and goods across international borders and any other related issues.

Engineering & Technology Exhibition from 14th

lahore (Staff Reporter): A three-day Engineering & Technology Exhibition Pakistan ETEX 2014 will be held from 14- 16 November, 2014 at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore under the auspice of Society of Mechanical Engineers of Pakistan. The main theme of this exhibition to provide a plate form for the recognition of Mechanical Engineers,  to provide a link between industry and the engineering and maintain high quality standards and also to achieve professional excellence in the field of Mechanical engineering . ETEX 2014 is aimed at bringing together professional, industrialist, services providers and vendors under one roof.

80 different companies will display our products in the exhibition.

Technologies being developed to reduce post-harvest losses

ISLAMABAD (APP): Ministry of National Food Security and Research is working to develop technologies for value chain addition in vegetable and fruits, aimed at reducing food losses and improving food and nutrition security. The task is being executed by Ayub Agriculture Research Institute,  under an ADB project - “Strengthening of Post Harvest Research and Food Technology.” Highlighting the research being carried out on post harvest value addition of different vegetables, an official said another Agricultural Innovation Programme (AIP) is also being executed with focus on vegetable value chain addition and reduction of post-harvest losses in onion, chili and tomato crops in the country.

The official said these projects are focusing on drying and preservation of onion, spinach, carrot, chilies and peas; and product development of bitter gould, tomato, onion and garlic.

Moreover, a project is under way to reduce post harvest losses and value chain addition in chilies at Sindh Horticulture Agriculture Research Institute, Mirpurkhas, Sindh.

Mobile phone imports increased 5.78pc in three months

ISLAMABAD (APP): The mobile phone imports into the country increased by 5.78 per cent during first three months of the year 2014-15 over the same period of last year. The imports of mobile phones into the country during July-September (2014-15) were recorded at $166.001 million against the imports of $156.926 million during July-September (2013-14), according to the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). On month on month basis the mobile phone imports into the country during the month of September 2014 decreased by 10.95 percent and 23.89 percent when compared to the imports in September 2013 and August 2014 respectively.

The mobile phone imports during September 2014 stood at $50.839 million against the imports of $57.1 million in September 2013 and $66.8 million in August 2014, the data revealed.

Similarly, the overall telecom imports increased by 31.01 percent during the period under review over the same period of last year.

The imports of telecom in to the country during first three months of current fiscal year, were recorded at $406.831 million against the imports of $310.523 million in July-September 2014-15.

On month on month basis, the telecom imports during September 2014 increased by 25.54 per cent and decreased by 17.04 percent when compared to that of September 2013 and August 2014 respectively.

Overall telecom imports during September 2014 stood at $127.601 million against the imports of $101.644 million in September 2013 and $153.812 million in August 2014.

‘Too many holidays’ opposed

karachi (Staff Reporter): Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Yakoob A Karim has said that too many holidays are badly affecting the already sick economy.  He said the nation has enjoyed unprecedented number of holidays since Ramazanul Mubarak this year. He demanded of the govt to revert previous government’s unjust decision of observing two holidays a week as it has not only intensified the sufferings of the business community but also resulted in serious losses to the national exchequer. He pointed out the recent weeklong across-the-board closure witnessed by the country on account of Aashura has resulted in tremendous loss to the exchequer whereas too many working hours have gone down the drain.

 He said that the volume of losses on account of wasteful holidays cannot be measured.