NEW YORK- The Pakistani American Congress (PAC), an umbrella organization of several Pakistani organizations in the United States of America, strongly condemns the brutal act of torching a Christian couple to death in the town of Kot Radha Kishan near Lahore.

This is totally an “unacceptable crime" in any responsible state, especially in Pakistan which is an Islamic Republic.

It is the responsibility of government to protect all its citizens including all minorities. They are equal citizens of Pakistan and all their rights must be respected and protected. The state must pro-actively protect its minorities from violence and injustice and to promote inter faith harmony among various religions.

PAC strongly stressed that the government, especially Punjab government, investigate this incident thoroughly and show no mercy to punish all those who were responsible for this heinous crime of killing of a Christian couple. There should be no sympathy for such criminals, irrespective of their status or affiliation.