ISLAMABAD - As Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) plans to swamp Islamabad once again with maximum supporters on November 30, heavyweights in the protesting party are mulling an option to give a deadline to the government for meeting its core demands in case big number of protesters make it to the federal capital.

The November 30 rally is informally dubbed among party members as PTI's 'winter offensive' against the government after the protesting party failed to show massive participation of its supporters in its August 14 long march.

Insiders in PTI told The Nation that the party has so far not unveiled its strategy for November 30 in a bid to deprive the government of making any counter strategy for the moves of the protesting party.

But a key leader confided to the scribe that PTI chief Imran Khan had been advised to give the government an ultimatum in order to force authorities to pay heed to the PTI demands.

"If the crowd is good on November 30, we can give a short ultimatum to the government including PM's resignation. To the best of my knowledge, PTI intends to knock out the government with a final blow," the insider said.

Well-informed sources in the party said that dissidents in other political parties were expected to join PTI before November 30, a move that would further terrify the ruling party.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi has been tasked with talking to dissident leaders in other political parties who would present a list of 'shortlisted' personalities to Imran Khan before November 30.

PTI avoids making its plan for its 'winter offensive' public fearing the government may place barricades and stop its supporters from entering the venue. "We have been strictly advised not to leak out our intentions before November 30. The orders for us are to bring maximum people and then force the government to yield to demands," another source said.

"The major reason the government did not pay heed to us on August 14 was that we had failed to bring the required number of people to the federal capital. We also accept that the number was not big that day," a PTI lawmaker said.

"If the crowd is good, Khan Sahib will go to any extent. We don't make our plans public because we don't exactly know about the number of participants," he added.

There is also a difference of opinion about party's strategy on November 30 with some opposing the idea of sticking to the unrealistic demands like resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

However, majority in PTI are of the view that the size of the demonstration would decide whether Imran Khan adopts a harder line or reduce the show to a single day event. "Let the crowd decide our future course of action," a senior PTI leader said.