rawalpindi - Two traffic wardens were subjected to severe torture by four cops of Islamabad police on the issue of parking near Benazir Bhutto International Airport during the VVIP movement of the prime minister, reliable sources revealed to The Nation on Wednesday.

However, the victim wardens accused the cops, who are security guards of renowned lawyer Akram Sheikh Advocate, the public prosecutor in high treason case against former military dictator General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, of beating them black and blue for barring the guards from parking their car in no parking area during VVIP movement.

Senior Traffic Officer (STO) Iftikhar-ul-Haq, while rubbing salt into the wounds of victims, suspended the wardens and forced them to tender apology from the cops of Islamabad police.

The cops lodged a complaint with police station airport against the wardens. The police sent the applicants to hospital for medico-legal report.

According to sources, the incident took place at 4:25pm at airport sector outside the airport exit near Shell Gate when the law enforcement agencies were on toe during VVIP route of the prime minister of Pakistan.

A vehicle with four cops of Islamabad on board stopped in no parking area when a traffic warden Sajjad Akhter who was on duty barred the driver from parking the car in no parking area as VVIP route was in place. However, the car riders who were in plain clothes jumped out of the car and started beating Sajjad with kicks and punches. Three other wardens including Adil Faraz move forwarded to rescue Sajjad but they were also beaten by the cops of Islamabad police. Later, STO arrived and cooled down the both parties besides suspending the wardens. Cops of Islamabad police lodged complaint with PS airport for registration of case against wardens but police sent the cops to hospital for MLR. Taking to The Nation, Sajjad Akhter, the victim warden, alleged that the four cops, who beaten them black and blue, were official guards of renowned lawyer Akram Sheikh. “I was imparting my duty when I spotted a private car PH-008 in no parking area. I went near the car and asked the driver to move the car as VVIP route is in place. The driver refused and he along with two other cops came out of the car and beaten me and Adil,” he said.

“In the meanwhile, Akram Sheikh Advocate appeared and stopped his car near me and asked me as to why me and my colleagues beaten his guards,” he said, adding, “I told Akram Sheikh that no body is allowed to make stop on VVIP route.” He said that Akram Sheikh threatened him of dire consequences and now was trying to register a case against him and his colleague Adil with PS Airport.

“I did not commit any crime for which me and my colleague are being harassed, manhandled and made scapegoat. All are equal in the eyes of law. We are instructed not to allow anybody to stop on road during VVIP route,” Sajjad said.

Akram Sheikh Advcoate, however, when contacted, said that he had no official security guards. He termed all the allegations levelled against him as baseless. “I am a very simple and poor man who has no private or official security guard. I was in Lahore yesterday not in Islamabad,” he added.

CTO Shohaib Khurran Janbaz, when approached, said that the incident was not in his knowledge.