islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested two Afghan nationals who allegedly killed a truck driver while attempting to snatch mobile phone and cash from him, a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

According to details, truck driver Jamal Khan was waiting for labourers as he had to unload construction material near IJ Principal Road on September 11, 2014. Meanwhile, four persons tried to snatch cash and mobile phone from him after founding him alone. He offered resistance to them following which they stabbed him to death. Sabzi Mandi police registered the case.

A special team was constituted, which was headed by SP Industrial Area. The team succeeded to arrest two Afghan nationals identified as Alif Shah and Bakhtawar. They confessed that they had committed the crime. Police also recovered snatched items from them.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested 12 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered 291 bottles of wine, 6.560 kilograms hashish and looted items from their possession. According to details, Golra police arrested two drug pushers Pervez and Asad Khan and recovered 5.510 kilograms hashish from their possession. Sabzi Mandi police recovered 281 bottles of wine from a car bearing registration number WH-794 during special checking in the area.

The car occupant managed to escape after abandoning the car when he saw the police team.

The CIA police arrested Shahzad, Khurram Shahzad and Gulraiz and recovered 1.50 kilograms hashish from their possession. Industrial Area police arrested Naeem Shahzad and Awais for impersonating police officials.

 Kohsar police arrested a bootlegger Mansha and recovered 10 bottles of wine from him. Tarnol police arrested three accused Samad Bahadur, Abdul Wahab and Waqas, besides recovering looted item from their possession. Margalla police arrested an Afghan national identified as Hazrat Ullah who was residing in the country illegally.

Cases have been registered against the nabbed persons and further investigation is underway, the spokesperson said.