There are so many heritage sites in our country such as Moenjodaro, Makli necropolis, Shalamar Gardens, Shahi Fort, Taxila Valley, Takht Bhai and Rohtas Fort etc. The Great Wall of Sindh, Ranikot Fort is a unique place and an ancient fort, located in the Kirthar mountain range; it is protected under the Antiquities Act, 1975, and its various subsequent amendments. It has been also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1993. Unfortunately our successive governments have not paid any attention to these declining heritage points, if any money is allocated it is eaten up by corrupt officials rather than on maintaining them.

The lack of tourism has hit Pakistan badly but at least the government can promote internal tourism, but there was nothing to be proud of, during my recent visit I witnessed countless inadequacies. The fort is deserted and there are no amenities such as food or drinking water available. The crumbling structure need attention and money. We need to promote it like Great Wall of China, almost 10 million visitors visit the wall per year. Besides, this region has most fossil-rich rock deposits in the world, there are enough chances for archaeologist and geologists to carry out their research in the area. The government must supervise the site’s much-needed restoration to save the historical monument which needs urgent attention.


Hyderabad, October 30.