The police force of any country is for security, but we Pakistanis are not even safe from Police force. There are many crimes which are committed by police like corruption involvement in robberies, but now an ASI (Assistant Sub-Inspector) of Multan has rapped a teen girl.

On 13th of October 2015, a girl in Muzaffargarh committed suicide by setting herself on fire as she failed to get justice after she was raped by an ASI. Two officers have been arrested after the girl burnt herself outside the police station. She was rushed to hospital but she succumbed to her injuries. The questions which are raised are why her complaint wasn’t registered? Were the police officers supporting their colleague? When she went to register the complaint one police officer behaved rudely & told her to leave the station.

The government which claims to work for the welfare of people of Pakistan hasn’t taken any step against this. We are living in the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan and our women are not safe. Something should be done for the safety of women so that innocent girls can never be victimized by disguised devils.


Karachi, October 15.