Pakistan parliament is a ruling elite class political forum who only protect their personal interests. I would like to know who is representing the 80 million Pakistanis living below the poverty line? The majority of the members of parliament have never read the Constitution of Pakistan and never spoken a single word about the problems faced by their constituencies. They are attending the parliamentary sessions for the salary, perks and developmental funds. Which are bribes distributed by the ruling political party government to compensate them for their investment in the elections.The government will pass those laws which are in their interest. No member can asked the government why there are 30 million children not going to school? Why the government is not spending taxpayers money on education and health? instead of spending it on useless mega projects? There is never any discussion on the root cause of corruption and on terrorism. Every one is busy in making best use of the privileges granted to them. All the major decisions are taken by the kitchen cabinet of the prime minister without any debates in the parliament. Act of laws are imposed on people by ordinances instead of parliamentary approval.The parliament is a huge financial burden on the nation,Without real people representatives it is a white elephant.


Lahore, October 6.