KARACHI  - The Board of Secondary Education Karachi continues on bringing systematic and policy changes to rise as the most credible, and service and time efficient board of examinations in the province. 

BSEK has won big appreciation from the stakeholders including the students, parents, schools management and teachers’ associations for the innovative steps taken by its Chairman Professor Dr Saeeduddin in addition to his better administration. 

BSEK Chairman told APP here that as a strong scientific check over forgery and tempering with the results, the marks sheets of Matric and ninth exams-2017 had been got printed by Pakistan Security Printing Press which had ensured all security features including secrete code bar on these very important documents. 

Another important thing introduced is, the marks sheets had been inscribed with birth date of students as this would help in rectifying any mistake in the date instantly against the past practice of writing birth date on the Matriculation certificate issued by the boards of examinations. 

“In case of wrong entry of birth date, the student could know about it after getting Matric certificate and was in trouble. He or she had to go a long process of correction and it was time consuming for the board as well,” he explained. 

He informed that a separate unit equipped with modern and sophisticated IT gadgets, and skilled team of employees had been set up at the board office to issue or verify a marks sheet or certificate within hour after completing the formalities by the applicant. It would save students from repeated visits to the board office on this account. 

This innovative arrangement would also cover the period of last twenty years; from 1995 to 2016. The fees for this process had been reduced to Rs 500 from Rs700, he said. 

BSEK Chairman said that due to better examination arrangements and more credible methods of assessment of the answer sheets, the number of scrutiny cases had dropped to half at 3,000 from 6,000 cases of last year. There would be more improvement on this account in future. The list of vigilance officers was being revised and those showing poor performance during last Matric and ninth exams would be replaced with very efficient and honest  ones to build strong positive image of BSEK examination system. Besides, only the schools of good repute with required infrastructure and location would be selected as the examination centres. The number of these centres would also be reduced to the minimum possible level to ensure effective monitoring and vigilance by the board, he said. 

“I shall take every possible step to prove Karachi board as the best custodian of the nation where the intelligent and hardworking students are very much protected and encouraged,” he committed. 

The chairman said that he had planned to arrange workshops for senior teachers to promote the sense of creativity among students and discourage the culture of “rataism” and use of guides and solved papers in the preparation for examinations. Seminars inviting prominent educationists would also be held for the guidance of the board officials and teachers. 

He said the board would take more initiatives on research and development side with availability of more funds. 

Professor Dr Saeeduddin said meetings of the board’s course committee, comprising senior government and private school teachers, were being held regularly to get feedback from teachers and the students. If any change in the pattern of the papers would be made, it would be intimated to the concerned in time, he said. 

He said CCTV system had been installed in the board office to keep monitoring over the functioning of all its sections along with ensuring better security within the premises.