The doctor who was sacked because he had the temerity to send a ‘friend’ request to Sharmeen Obaid-Chino’s sister has got another job, at an eye hospital. So Dr Harvey Weinstein will probably be sending out friend requests to women needing cornea transplants and cataract operations now. The fact that he was sacked, and that the social media got active because of that, showed that society has still not adapted to social media. I doubt if Ms Obaid-Chinoy had got so much attention for her documentaries, though they won Oscars, and dealt with very basic issues: acid throwing, and honour killing.

Well, the documentaries have been widely praised, but the evils on which they were based continue. Like the honour parade in Dera Ismail Khan, in which a girl was paraded naked around her village by the relatives of the girl her brother was having an affair with. I remember such a crime in the South Punjab village of Nawabpur under Ziaul Haq leading to the introduction of the death sentence for that. But it still happens. Or is that the tabdeeli that the PTI intends to bring? Mian Nawaz has been ousted, but this still happens.

With Kevin Spacey confessing, things got just a little bit nastier. You see, he opened up a new dimension, that of gay exploitation. So it isn’t just women who are in danger in Hollywood. I don’t know the opinion of Egyptian lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh about him. He’s the guy who said on television that it was a patriotic duty to harass women in torn jeans, and a national duty to rape them. Harvey Weinstein should probably hire him. But doesn’t that seem an extreme reaction to disliking an aspect of fashion? No such measures were recommended for wearers of kickers or of broad lapels, remember? Back in the 1970s, not even when bell bottoms got pretty extreme.

It seems that Islamabad reporter Ahmd Noorani was also beaten from national duty. The agencies have been accused, prompting them to burst into tears and point at those making the claim, saying that those nasty people were being mean to them. More to the point, they should celebrate the holding of the third PK-Sri Lanka T20I at the Gaddafi, and the fact that no Sri Lankan was hit by militants. That match made me dread a Pak-India Test there. Imagine no movement in the entire city, except the CTO gone mad and chasing the DG Rangers, trying to bite him. Wonder who will try magic then? The Sri Lankan skipper has admitted using magic to win the Tests. Wonder how Imran plans to react. Neutral pirs?

Well, if militants can’t watch cricket, they can ride trucks. One drove a truck onto a New York jogging track, killing eight. Though he was driving a truck, he was heard chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’. He probably didn’t have history of mental illness, which seems to have dropped out of the narrative, otherwise there would have to be some explanation of how he got picked on the green-card lottery, which is how he got into the USA. President Donald Trump stopped the scheme at once. He was silent about how he plans to handle the fact that the radicalisation of the attacker, an Uzbek, occurred in the USA.

Still, Pakistanis can probably take heart from the fact that he had not visited Pakistan. New York has got a thriving Pakistani community, though I suppose it’s not so thriving now that HBL has not only closed its branch there, but PIA has also pulled out. While pulling out, it left behind two corpses it was to have transported back for burial, showing that even in death PIA is ‘great people to fly with--- if you fly.”

Of course, that is not as bad as the risk that you run in India, of being strip-searched, as happened in a school in Damoh in Madhya Pradesh to two girls, after a classmate had Rs 70 stolen. Of course, down South, Telangana, a husband had his wife cut off his organ. He had tried to take advantage of her in the kitchen where she was making lunch. He was drunk. He must have been really drunk to make lecherous advances on a woman in a room with a knife somewhere in it. There must be something in the air down south, because just down from Telangana, in Tamil Nadu, a wife a few months back cut off the organ of her husband, because he was having an affair. Harvey Weinstein was lucky not to be in Karnataka.

Telangana is the Tamil part of the old Hyderabad state. It has given the Urdu language the word ‘talanga’, which translates roughly as ‘roughneck’, after the behaviour of mutineers from this area who made a mess of Delhi in 1857 even before the British reconquest, which is a sad story in itself.

The USA doesn’t have just Harvey Weinstein to boast of, or even Donald Trump. Its Special Forces seem subject to an extreme Army-Navy rivalry when a SEAL was arrested on suspicion of killing the Green Beret he was rooming with in Bamako. Or maybe the Green Beret snored really loud.

Loud snoring won’t explain the cocaine-fuelled orgy on board the HMS Trident, a British nuclear submarine which had gone to the USA to pick up the nuclear missiles which make up its armament. Nine sailors have been sacked.

The USA’s favourite friend in the region, India, doesn’t seem to have such problems in its military. Not when it has civilians like Amar and Gholu, the husbands of two sisters, who were arrested for rape after they waylaid a girl and took her under a railway bridge, where they slaked their base desires. They broke for gutka and tea, and when the girl complained they had torn her clothes. Not only did they bring one’s wife’s clothes, but also Ramesh and Rajesh.

It would be impossible in Lahore, not because Lahorites are incapable, but because it’s finally become too cold. And smoggy.