LAHORE - Health and environment experts said on Sunday that smog was aggravating health problems such as eye infections, allergies, cough and throat infection.

The experts, shedding light on a number of preventative measures, said that these could be helpful in deal with the persisting smog.

Dr Khalid Hussain from Services Hospital advised people to move around with face masks to protect themselves from breathing problems and eye, nose and throat infections. He said wearing protected sunglasses outdoors could be helpful. To thwart augmented allergy and any sort of eye infection, avoid rubbing eyes and frequently use eye drops suggested by eye-specialists.

Drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day and include hot liquids to daily routine that will help rinse out toxins from throat and lungs. This will help cure cough and sore throat, he said.

Dr Tehseen Riaz from Jinnah Hospital said that presence of toxins in the air could aggravate asthma and allergy, leaving people struggling to breathe. He advised use of air filters to filter indoor air and avoid outdoor physical activities such as walk or exercise in smoggy and hazy areas.