GN LOS ANGELES - Kate Moss insists she leads a very normal life and it’s ‘’important’’ for her to spend time with old friends.

Kate Moss lives a ‘’normal’’ life.

The 43-year-old supermodel - who has 15-year-old daughter Lila Grace with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack - may be one of the most famous women in the world but she prefers to do low-key things with old friends rather than hang out at glitzy showbiz events.

She said: ‘’I like to live a normal life away from work. And it’s really important for me to have friends around me who go way back.

‘’I like hanging out together with my friends and our children who have all grown up together, and we love holidaying together too. It makes it all fun... ‘’My perfect weekend is in the country ,walking with the dogs, doing yoga, cooking a roast dinner and catching up on the TV I’ve missed in the week.’’

Kate tries to keep her life as private as possible and doesn’t even have any social media accounts, even though she admit it’s unusual in the modern fashion industry.

She told Stella magazine: ‘’The whole modelling scene is completely different to when I first started out.

‘’Everything now is so instant with digital photography and there’s no mystique. I don’t have any personal accounts on social media, I’m just not into posting about personal stuff online.’’

And the British beauty isn’t a fan of selfies, though she’s impressed with how ‘’professionally’’ some social media stars can transform their appearance for pictures.

She said: ‘’It’s quite amazing what some of these girls can do. They use really professional techniques to transform features, but it’s not an everyday look I go in for.

‘’As I said, I don’t like selfies - my favourite picture of myself is the portrait that Mario Testino took of Lila and me for American Vogue. It’s timeless. I have it hanging in my bathroom so I look at it every day.’’