LAHORE - Senior PPP leader Ch Aitzaz Ahsan yesterday said that NAB laws should be equally applied on all the politicians facing cases in the accountability courts.

Referring to the cases of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Dr Aasim Hussain, the PPP leader questioned why the name of the latter had been placed on the ECL while the former was free to move around in the world.

“While there is one law for the politicians in Sindh, there is another law [a lenient one] for the government people in Punjab,” he said while addressing a dinner reception hosted in his honour by party men on Band Road, Lahore.

He said NAB had lost its one accused [Ishaq Dar] by not placing his name on the ECL. “Ishaq Dar first reached Dushanbe on prime minister’s plane and then left for London where he fell ill,” he said.

Pleading that NAB was lenient on the Sharif family, Aitzaz said that Capt (r) Safdar had been granted bail by a court which was not competent to do so. He said NAB had become a joke at the hands of Sharif family. “It is now a test case for the new NAB chairman to ensure that laws are applied equally on all politicians,” he averred.

The PPP leader said that despite getting a preferential treatment from NAB, the Sharif family was still crying foul at their trial.

“The Supreme Court, the JIT and the NAB asked them to provide even a single document [showing the money trail], but they came up with a Qatari letter and a fake trust deed in response to their request,” he averred.

The PPP senator maintained that Mian Nawaz Sharif had now got entangled into a legal web after his failure to provide the money trail even after passage of one and half year.

He also criticised the government for ministers’ meetings in London. “Now the country’s decisions are being made in London. Had we sought freedom [from the British] to make important decisions while sitting in London?” he asked.