KAMALIA-Loadshedding has increased significantly at Kamalia city and its adjoining areas as electricity remains off for 3 hours after each one hour of supply.

The citizens have protested against the government and said that due to the unavailability of electricity, all the businesses had been stopped. Markets and shopping centres are seen dark and gloomy while the main industry of the city - power looms - remains silent all day and night. Power loom workers held a protest and stated that due to prolonged electricity outages, they are unable to earn wages and have been forced to suffer miseries. Water shortage in homes and mosques has begun and the citizens have demanded the government stop the loadshedding.

HOSPITAL LACKS DOC: The post of gynaecologist at the City Hospital Kamalia has been lying vacant for many months due to which the women are forced to go to midwives and private clinics for delivery.

It has been observed that no gynecologist has been appointed at the City Hospital while the current LHV has also been shifted to the general duty.

The residents of the area have demanded immediately deployment of a gynecologist at City Hospital with provision of X-Ray and laboratory facilities.