SHEIKHUPURA-Federal Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer Hussain has predicted that after the upcoming general elections, Pakistan Tekreek-e-Insaf will not be in a position to form government even in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where it has been in power for more than four years.

The masses will snatch the right to representation from the PTI in the general election 2018, Rana Tanveer Hussain claimed while addressing the inauguration of Sui gas supply project in village Eesen near Sharaqpur Sharif here on Sunday.

Referring to the PTI’s slogan of change, he said that people have seen the real face of those calling for the change.

“While the PTI keep pushing for accountability of others, it had closed the institution responsible for carrying out accountability in the province,” he claimed.

“Had Imran Khan followed in the footprints of the PML-N, the situation in the KP province would have been different,” the federal minister claimed.

He claimed Imran Khan was emulating the Punjab government by bringing metro bus service to the province.

He hoped that the PML-N would sweep the next polls on the basis of its performance.

“Conspiracies and Propagandas are being made against the PML-N government but the conspirators will never succeed in their designs,” he asserted, adding that the general elections will take place at the stipulated time. “The PML-N will prove its supremacy and popularity by shutting mouths of its opponents through landslide victory in the general elections,” he described.

On the occasion, Tehsil Municipal Committee Chairman Mian Imran Ashraf Yaqumia, Mian Abdul Rauf, Hakeem Saleem Ullah, Rao Tajammal Hussain, Munir Shami, Malik Aslam and Fiaz Ahmad Bhatti also expressed their views.

The federal minister continued that the PML-N has started preparation for election very actively with full unity under the exemplary leadership of Nawaz Sharif. “Those are dreaming minus-Nawaz formula will find nothing except failure and total disappointment,” he mentioned, adding that the future belongs to the PML-N as it would rule all the four provinces and the centre after the upcoming elections.