Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the life of Pakistan’s economy. It is the backbone of our economic system. It accounts for 21.4% of GDP. However, agriculture not only furnishes food and raw material but also employment opportunities to a very large proportion of population as well. In fact, it is the main occupation of our working population in the country. About 43 per cent of our population is directly engaged in agriculture. Moreover, this ratio is very small in advance countries such as, 5 per cent in UK, 4 per cent in USA, 16 per cent in Australia, 14 per cent in France.

Being well known about the importance of agriculture sector, unfortunately, this sector has a little attention from government side and it is suffering from the burdens of expensive fertilizer, costly medicines and from the shortage of water as well. Nevertheless, due to lack of water our agriculture is fluctuating day by day. Beside this, the farmers are fed up from expensive medicines and fertilizers. If the farmers are neglected so it can be a kind of destruction for our agriculture. Presumably, the country wants to develop the sector which feeds country’s economy, should maintain affordable price on fertilizers and medicines which should be bought according to the capacity of labors. And the government should give a strong attention in this sector at all which can bring propensities for the public.


Balochistan, October 24.