Rawalpindi-Albayrak’s communication group in collaboration with Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) on Monday conducted a drive in a private educational institution located in Union Council (UC) Number 80 to create awareness among students about cleanliness.   According to a spokesman, the reason of this campaign was to teach children about the fundamental standards of cleanliness so that children could apply these standards in their lives; to be a superior human being and direct others; to grant significance of cleanliness in their lives and to train children so they could become play a part in the advancement of a clean society.  “Children were given direction by Albayrak’s communication team to take care of the cleanliness of their houses, school, and surroundings,” he said.

He said awareness pamphlets and blessing packs were given to children who participated in the competition and activity. The children appreciated Albayrak on organizing such a productive activity in their school and they guaranteed that they will continuously take care of the cleanliness in their surroundings. Al-bayrak’s communications team gave blessing hampers to students and the school administration.

Principal Rahna Zaidi lauded Albayrak for organizing the activity for children and was confident that such exercises will motivate children to maintain a clean society.